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A polished service with room to grow – Source

Apple’s new Fitness+ connected workouts service, which launches today, is polished and well-designed, with a rich content library full of workouts. I’ve been trying out the service for a few days and have found it to be a great way to exercise indoors during a pandemic without a large time commitment.

Fitness+, at $10 a month or $79 per year, seems worth it—especially if you already own an Apple Watch, which plays an important role in the experience. Still, if you’re thinking of trying the new service, there are some things you should know going in.

First, some basics. The core piece of Fitness+ is a library of workout videos produced by 21 fitness instructors who Apple handpicked from workout studios around the country. The trainers design the workouts together, and are able to augment them with music from the Apple Music service. You can display these workouts on your iPhone, iPad, or on your TV via the Apple TV streaming box. Biometric data (like your heart rate) from your…

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