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All the hardware you need to play Apple Arcade games – Source CNET Computer News

This story is part of CNET’s coverage of Apple Arcade, including exclusive first looks we got at some of the service’s high-profile new games.

Apple made a splash in the mobile gaming world last fall with its launch of Apple Arcade
, its game subscription service. At $4.99 (£4.99, AU$7.99) per month after a one-month free trial, users get all-you-can-play access to the 100-plus “new and exclusive” games on the service without the annoyance of additional in-app purchases or advertisements. 

Unlike upcoming streaming game services such as Google Stadia, Arcade players download the games from the App Store to their device so they can start playing offline. The latest software updates to iOS 13 and iPadOS support Apple TV, Xbox,…

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Source CNET Computer News

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