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Alloy, funded by Reid Hoffman, aims to crush the GOP in 2020 – Source

Not far from the White House in Washington, D.C., a group of former Obama staffers are building a war room. Their new offices are still mostly empty—unopened boxes double as standing desks, and there are plans for an “office furniture assembly party”—but there’s a palpable excitement that fills the space. The startup’s founders have set an ambitious agenda: defeating Donald Trump and helping Democrats win races up and down the ballot in November.

Alloy, which is funded by LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman, is part of a wave of pol tech companies that rose from the ashes of Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016. One of the more painful lessons from that debacle was the realization that the Democratic party had fallen behind the GOP in the science of campaigning. While Republicans used up-to-date voter data to knock on the right doors and dial the right numbers, the Clinton camp bemoaned the sorry state of the voter data file it received from the Democratic National…

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