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Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya creates murals about women in STEM – Source

Murals are usually decidedly low-tech art. But one going up on a wall in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is part of what will eventually be a series of 10 augmented reality-enabled murals around the country that aims to highlight research by “badass ladies” in STEM.

The 27-foot-by-60-foot artwork, titled A Cluster of Enigmas, is the first in the series, collectively known as Findings. The mural project is the work of Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, a multidisciplinary artist whose background in neuroscience and design has informed previous efforts such as a series of 3D-printed sculptures and a group of high-design posters, both of which highlight the work of women in STEM.

The artist working with youth during “A Cluster of Enigmas” paint party as she explains the science and tech behind the mural. [Photo: courtesy of Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya]

Each mural in the series is being created in collaboration with a scientific partner and will have its own scientific focus—things such as…

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