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Amazon’s ad business could take on Google and Facebook – Source fastcompany.com

In the wave of big-tech quarterly financial announcements this week, we learned that the interactive advertising businesses of Google and Facebook had strong quarters, helped by both the pandemic and the return of the economy. But so did Amazon’s much-lower-profile ad business. Indeed, Amazon, on the strength of its horde of purchasing data, is growing the fastest of all and could eventually challenge the long-standing Facebook-Google duopoly.

Google’s parent, Alphabet, reported $55.3 billion in revenues for the March quarter, a rise of 46% from the March quarter in 2020. The pandemic shutdown began roughly midway through March last year. Its advertising revenue grew 32 percent in the quarter on the strength of search-ad sales. YouTube alone brought in $6 billion in ad revenue, almost doubling from the year-earlier quarter.

Facebook’s revenue, which comes almost completely from ads, jumped 48% from 2020’s March quarter to $26.17 billion.

But Amazon’s ad business appears to…

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