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Amazon’s healthcare ambitions have a new target: your home – Source

Amazon has big healthcare ambitions. On Tuesday, the company announced a series of updates and products that reveal more about how it envisions its place in helping you manage your health at home. Like its signature marketplace, Amazon is trying to establish its health-related offerings as indispensable. The main way it’s doing that is by providing services that are integral to your everyday healthcare routines.

The company made three major announcements in this regard: an update to its Halo wearable, a new subscription service for independent seniors, and a roaming home robot with similar monitoring capabilities for aging adults.

A wearable update

Amazon announced a new version of its wrist wearable called the Halo View. Unlike its predecessor, the View has a screen. It displays health metrics including heart rate, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels. In addition to a screen, Amazon is rolling out a whole array of fitness content to go along with its wearable. Where…

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