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Amazon’s newest Echo can follow you – Video – Source CNET Tech

Amazon smart speakers have a whole new look and they can look at you.
The company announced several new echo devices coming out this year and there are some pretty big changes coming.
The new smart speakers are shaped like spheres so goodbye cylinders and hockey pucks, The fourth generation echo and Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock, put Alexa inside the ball.
There’s even a dot kids edition with cute animal faces.
And speaking of going round this year’s new echo show, the one with the screen.
Yeah it also goes around and around.
It swivels to follow you around wherever you walk.
I wanna dive into this one first because it’s gonna really change how people view a smart assistant when it can move.
The echo show 10 has a 10 inch HD screen that will turn to face you when you’re interacting with Alexa.
It is looking for humans in the room.
Amazon says it’s not using…

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Source CNET Tech

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