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Amidst the opioid crisis, digital rehab could help millions – Source

Kara Nelson did not always do everything right. She started drinking when she was 13 years old and soon hit the harder stuff. By 19, she was injecting heroin.

She struggled for years to get the right level of support to finally get off of heroin, methamphetamines, prescription drugs, and alcohol. She went to rehab twice. The first time it stuck, and she didn’t use for three years. But then she started using again and, she says, it was much, much worse. She tried rehab for the second time, but it didn’t click the way it had before. In 2005, she entered prison on drug-related charges and was forced off drugs cold, a medically dangerous practice that is all too common. That is the only sort of rehabilitation she received during the two and half years she served.

At one point during her sentence, Nelson was transferred to a prison where, she says, there was a good substance abuse program—but she didn’t qualify for it, for reasons she can’t remember. The moment highlights a…

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