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Andy Jassy’s biggest challenges after Bezos steps down – Source fastcompany.com

Andy Jassy has been one of Jeff Bezos’s key executives at Amazon for a long time now. He knows the business inside and out. But he’ll be facing some substantial challenges when he takes the CEO position in the third quarter of this year, with Bezos stepping back to the role of executive chairman.

Bezos was a former hedge fund guy who drove from New York City to Seattle with his wife MacKenzie in 1994 to bet it all on an online book business. (Things went pretty well.) Jassy joined Amazon in 1997 as a marketing manager. He proved himself by kickstarting the AWS cloud storage business in 2003 and growing it into a market-leading, billion-dollar business.

These are the issues that will await Jassy on Day 1.

1. The antitrust threat

Amazon has a history of first helping, then hurting its friends. The Wall Street Journal’s Dana Mattioli and Cara Lombardo reported that Amazon has on a number of occasions invested in a startup, learned its product and strategy, then used that knowledge…

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