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Apple has made a big mess of the iPhone 12’s USB-C charging – Source

When the iPhone 12 launches later this month, it’ll come in a box that’s a lot smaller and lighter than before. That’s because it won’t have a full charger inside.

For the first time, Apple is shipping its new iPhones without a power adapter, and the included USB-C to Lightning cable won’t be compatible with the USB-A power adapters that Apple has shipped with almost every iPhone since 2007. That means buyers will either have to keep using their old chargers or go looking for a compatible USB-C adapter.

Apple, in an announcement video on Tuesday, pitched the move as a boon for the environment. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, said Apple can fit 70% more iPhones on a shipping palette with the smaller box, and that the iPhone’s overall environmental improvements will reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons—the equivalent of keeping 450,000 cars off the road every year.

Lisa Jackson [Screenshot: Apple]


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