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Apple iPad at 10: Can we call the iPad a computer yet? – Source CNET Computer News


My 2010 self with a 2010 iPad. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

In late 2009, one of the worst-kept secrets in technology was that Apple planned to launch a tablet of some sort, probably within months. Would it be a locked-down device like the iPhone, launched just two years earlier in 2007? Or would it be a more traditional platform like the MacBook, following in the footsteps of personal computers since the early ’80s? 

In December, 2009, I wrote

Either the Apple tablet (or iSlate, or whatever it ends up being called) will be a 10-or-so-inch tablet PC with a full Mac OS X operating system; or it will merely be a larger-screen version of the current iPod Touch, which has a closed, limited phone-like OS…The former would mean it could…

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