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Apple iPad Pro 2020 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 3: Which is better for you – Video – Source CNET Computer News

Living in an industry that’s all about moving fast and breaking things.
The good old traditional laptop has proved remarkably resilient to change.
But the last few years I’ve seen interesting hybrid devices like your iPad Pro, the Surface Book Three, become increasingly viable alternative to clencher laptops like a MacBook Pro Or a Dallas beer.
Which one of these three is more likely to be the future of laptops, and more importantly, which one is better for you to buy right now?
So these devices have a bunch of different names, some call them hybrids, some call them transformers, some call them two ones, but basically the devices that are both laptops and tablets, and there are kind of two main ways that companies go about making them.
First you have devices like the iPad Pro, it’s a standalone tablet and a really powerful and at that, and you can attach it to a case…

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Source CNET Computer News

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