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Apple revamps Maps app, Nintendo Switch outsells SNES – Video – Source CNET Tech

This is CNET and here are the stories that matter right now.
Apple Maps is getting a big upgrade.
All US users are getting a revamped version of Apple Maps now with Europe getting the upgrade in the coming months.
Apple rebuilt its mapping system from the ground up by outfitting hundreds of planes and cars with custom sensors.
The company says the new app is faster and has more accurate navigation than before.
Nintendo has managed to sell over 52 million Nintendo Switch units since its launch in 2017.
With this figure, the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in sales.
The switch is now Nintendo’s third most popular console.
The Wii and the NS are ahead at numbers one and two, respectively.
Microsoft has issued another final update for Windows 7. Apparently there was a bug in the original final Windows 7 update That caused wallpapers…

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