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Apple’s 5G iPhone event was about a lot more than 5G – Source

When Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg took the stage during Apple’s virtual “Hi, Speed” launch event on Tuesday, he declared that the introduction of the first 5G iPhone was a “historic moment.” People, he said, have “been waiting for 5G to get real. With the network coverage they expect, the incredible performance they have been promised, and the devices they love. Well, today, with iPhone, the wait is over. 5G just got real.”

Watching the stream at home, I was overtaken by the same instinctive skepticism I develop when anyone in the tech industry talks up 5G. Verizon, after all, has already been chastised by the Better Business Bureau for suggesting that its 5G is more real—that is, widely available—than it really is. So Vestberg’s declaration had a here-we-go-again feel to it.

And indeed, when he started to talk about the availability of Verizon’s 5G network, it involved stuff like 5G access that’s superfast but targeted to specific venues such as stadiums and…

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