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Apple’s HomePod Mini is a $99 winner for Apple fans – Source

Apple’s newest gadget, the HomePod Mini, will go on sale on November 16. Over the following days, the internet will be awash in opinions on Apple’s bulbous gadget, dissecting its audio capabilities to the nth degree. But people who solely look at the HomePod Mini from an audiophile’s standpoint are passing over what makes the device so appealing.

I say that from the perspective of having had two HomePod Minis in my house for a little over a week now. Though the HomePod Mini is not the first smart speaker I have tried—or the first wireless speaker I have owned—it’s the best one I’ve used. And even though it’s a latecomer in a world filled with smart speakers from Amazon and Google, it’s a compelling product for anyone who already lives in Apple’s ecosystem.

Why that’s the case comes down to three factors:

1. Tiny speaker, big sound

When it comes to audio, I don’t care about the minutia of debating a speaker’s “bass resonance” or whether it has “clean…

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