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Apple’s Jay Blahnik on how Fitness+ can make exercise easier – Source

The Apple Watch originally launched as a sort of multipurpose remote control for the iPhone, but by the device’s second year, 2016, Apple was clearly positioning it as a fitness device. It worked. Sales started to take off. Fitness has always been one of the most tangible uses of the watch, with its ability to not only measure workouts in a biometric way, but also to nudge, remind, and motivate users to move, stand, and exercise.

Now, with Apple’s new Fitness+ subscription workout service, the watch’s exercise heritage extends off the wrist and onto the larger screens of iPads and TVs, and adds 21 human instructors whose workout sessions are available on demand. The Apple Watch is central to Fitness+; the service doesn’t work nearly so well without it.

“We feel like this is an iteration of the things we’ve been doing since the very beginning, which is to try to make it easier for people to be motivated and inspired to be more active and more fit, and so it fits right into…

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