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At a time for rebuilding, Wikipedia has lessons for us all – Source fastcompany.com

Last year was an ignominious one. We saw successive crises come home to roost: Police brutality underscored the corrosive effects of structural racism, devastating floods and wildfires gave urgency to the need for decarbonization, and under-resourcing undermined essential public institutions amidst a pandemic when we needed them most. Each of these systems shocks were made worse by a compounding crisis of lack of trust in information sources, limiting our ability to understand and act upon these most urgent issues of our time.

As we grapple with this epistemic emergency, Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, is turning 20 years old. I am CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that oversees it and supports its volunteer community.

Wikipedia started during the early days of the free and open internet, as people were first exploring how digital networks could allow them to collaborate across the world. But over time, the ideal of the network for global cooperation has…

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