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Baratunde Thurston deconstructs ‘Defund the police,’ 2020 protests and more – Video – Source CNET Tech

2020 has thrown a lot at us a global pandemic, an economic recession, and a social justice awakening.
There’s a ton of information flying at us and it’s tough to know what to listen to, and who can help make sense of it all, especially when it comes to social justice.
So now what?
Today we’re gonna talk about what I consider the most important podcast of 2020.
And it’s called, we’re having a moment and we’ve got the creator bear Tim de Thurston with us.
So bear tuned that you’ve worked at this intersection of race and technology for over a decade.
and have been, you know such an important voice in helping the digital world understand these issues of racism in America more deeply.
So tell us about how we’re having a moment came about and what you hope it can contribute to the conversation.>> Jason, thank you so much for having me.
Thank you for the huge, hugely nice…

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