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Best apps for expense reports and receipt scanning – Source

For most of us, doing expenses is just the adult version of being forced to eat Brussels sprouts. We don’t enjoy it while it’s happening, and we’re relieved when it’s over.

And whether you’re lazy like me (see here and here) or are a well-organized and conscientious type, when it comes to expenses, the one thing we both probably crave above all is efficiency.

In that spirit, here are five apps that can help you power through your expense reports without leaving more time on the table than you need to.

Let someone else take care of your receipts

You came here looking for efficient ways to handle your expenses, right? Might I suggest not handling them at all, then?

With Shoeboxed, you get one or more “Magic Envelopes” each month that you can stuff full of receipts, business cards, and other items you’re too lazy to scan yourself and then drop it in the mailbox to be scanned by someone else.

And for the receipts you’re not too lazy to scan, the app (Android, iOS) can parse…

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