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Best apps for organizing, scanning, and enhancing photos – Source fastcompany.com

Let’s get those photos organized. It’s about time, right?

First, we’ll review and delete any bad photos on your phone, then we’ll get all your old physical photos digitized. Next, we’ll touch up any that need a little extra TLC, and finally we’ll share the best ones privately with friends and family.

Sound easy enough? Great! You can do this. Let’s get started.

Sort ’em

That camera on your phone takes great photos and—better still—can take a lot of them. But if you’re like most people, you almost never take the time to sort the good photos from the bad.

Purpose-built for photo organization, Slidebox (Android, iOS) lets you trash the duds with a simple Tinder-like swipe. They can’t all be keepers, after all.

For photos you want to keep, you can sort them into albums with a single tap, compare similar-looking photos to see which one turned out better, and synchronize the results to your camera gallery. None of your photos are copied or otherwise kept in the app:…

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