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Biden and Trump have wildly different visions for healthcare – Source

While President Trump and former vice president Biden hardly talked about their healthcare policy at their two debates, both have a distinct vision for how healthcare in the U.S. should change. The two candidates are about as far apart as they can get on the subject. Below is a primer on their plans for healthcare policy, COVID-19, and the opioid crisis.

Biden’s healthcare plan

Biden has a reliably liberal laundry list of healthcare policies that build on President Obama’s legacy Affordable Care Act. This includes a desire to pay home healthcare workers more and halve the egregious U.S. maternal mortality rate of 17.4 per 100,000. Below are some of his key policies.

Uphold and expand the Affordable Care Act: Biden promises to create a public health insurance option that is “like Medicare,” would reduce the overall cost of healthcare, and make primary care visits co-pay free. The option would also be available to small businesses that want to provide healthcare to their…

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