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Biden’s Cancer Moonshot should focus on prevention, not a cure – Source

“Let’s end cancer as we know it,” President Biden told Americans during last week’s State of the Union address. Earlier this year, Biden rebooted the Cancer Moonshot program he started in 2017 to cure the disease that took the life of his son Beau and kills 600,000 Americans a year–a rate second only to heart disease.

The initial program was granted $1.8 billion in funding over a seven-year period toward cancer research (which some argue is not that much money), and it has a new audacious goal of halving cancer deaths by 2047. The plan outlines several target areas, including improving immunotherapies, advancing childhood cancer research, mapping tumors, expanding existing cancer prevention and detection to a wider swath of Americas, and creating a framework for collecting and sharing cancer data.

So far, the National Cancer Institute has spent $1 billion of the funding on projects related to Biden’s Cancer Moonshot. But is the program focused on the right things?


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