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Cameo expands beyond celebrity shout-out videos – Source

Earlier this week, the celebrity video shout-out platform Cameo announced that it was getting into NFTs (nonfungible tokens). Starting on February 17, fans of the 40,000 athletes, musicians, and other influencers who populate the platform will be able to mint a Cameo Pass via OpenSea. The NFTs, at a current cost of about $550, will give people exclusive access to Cameo events, such as parties hosted at the company’s Beverly Hills villa; meet-and-greets; merchandise drops; and celebrity Q&As.

“Last year we were having a lot of talent calling, saying, ‘Hey, what’s Cameo doing in the NFT space?’” says Cameo cofounder and CEO Steven Galanis. “We didn’t have a great answer for it. As we started watching what other brands were doing, the number-one thing we realized was that we had to create an authentic utility experience that was unique to Cameo, as opposed to just doing something cool.”

A digital platform creating a “cool” NFT product isn’t necessarily…

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