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Can Elon Musk finally deliver on the hype? – Source

It’s been a banner year thus far for Tesla, which saw continued profits and a skyrocketing—albeit, contentious—valuation, despite COVID 19-related sales declines in the auto industry.

Now, Tesla investors and industry experts are gearing up for the firm’s first Battery Day, to be live-streamed September 22, after its annual shareholder meeting. There, CEO Elon Musk is expected to unveil breakthrough battery technology and automotive architecture, including a longer-lasting “million-mile” battery that could drop electric vehicle (EV) prices to those of gasoline cars and contribute to the electric grid. And then there’s the question of whether Musk will stand by earlier promises to deliver Level 5, fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) this year, especially in the wake of a Consumer Reports review this month that found Tesla’s current self-driving capabilities falling short.

But will Tesla be able to deliver on those promises, from game-changing batteries to true AVs in 2020?…

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