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Cancer-care startup Jasper Health raises $25 million – Source

This year for his birthday, Carmen Draper, 58, got some unwelcome news: His 31-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. “It had already moved to her lymph nodes,” he explains. That was in late October, and by Thanksgiving she was in her second week of chemotherapy. During five weeks of treatment that included both chemotherapy and radiation she became extremely dehydrated and worn down.

“They have to almost kill you to save your life,” Draper says. His daughter, who homeschools her children, wanted to keep up her kids’ routine, but needed help. She set up a shareable appointment calendar on Jasper Health so that her family and friends could help coordinate travel and childcare while she was in treatment. “I get notifications of every single appointment, which is so helpful to me,” Draper says. “I know what time and I know what doctor and I know where.”

Jasper Health is part of a wave of startups that hope to expand the notion of what cancer…

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