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Clearview AI's facial recognition goes creepier than most surveillance tech Google CEO Sundar Pichai: We must be 'clear-eyed' about how AI could go wrong Joe Biden slams Facebook, calls Zuckerberg a 'real problem' Sonos, PopSockets speak out against Big Tech's dominance Elon Musk suggests Twitter tweaks to Jack Dorsey Twitter allowed ads targeting neo-Nazis, other hate groups After nearly three years, Wikipedia is coming back online in Turkey Dorsey: Twitter 'will probably never' add an edit button Star Trek: Picard cast spills on the tech that freaks them out You soon will be able to Instagram DM from the web A beginner's guide to making a YouTube video Get a movie rental at Vudu for just $3 – Source CNET Internet News

From The Daily Charge: Imagine being able to scan someone’s face and pulling up their photos from Facebook instantly.

The chief executive of Alphabet calls for regulation of artificial intelligence as his own company delves deeper into developing new technologies.

In an interview with The New York Times editorial board, the Democratic presidential candidate doesn’t hold back.

In the US House of Representatives’ latest antitrust hearing, smaller companies raise many concerns about Google, Amazon and Apple.

The Tesla boss wants to weed out the Twitter bots.

Ad tool made it possible for ads to be directed to users who searched for keywords such as “white supremacists” and “anti-gay,” the BBC found.

“We are thrilled to be reunited with the people of Turkey.”

In a wide-ranging Q&A for Wired, Dorsey also talked about technology in Africa and his personal habits.

From AI to Crispr, here’s the tech that terrifies even Star Trek’s cast.

Instagram DMs are finally moving beyond the phone.


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