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Commerce nominee Gina Raimondo has close ties to big tech – Source fastcompany.com

Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo, the Biden administration’s nominee for Commerce Secretary, once worked as a venture capitalist and has been friendly with the tech world. These affinities are seen by some in Washington as strengths, and others as liabilities. Either way, they’re bound to shape the way she runs the Department of Commerce.

Raimondo, who was shortlisted to be Biden’s VP, was cofounder of a venture capital fund called Point Judith Capital backed by Bain Capital before she became treasurer, and then governor, of Rhode Island. Last November, Fast Company‘s Innovation Festival  featured a conversation between Raimondo and AOL founder Steve Case on how to build the next Silicon Valley.

When confronted by the pandemic, Governor Raimondo turned to Big Tech–specifically Salesforce–to replace legacy systems with new cloud solutions for contact tracing and case investigations as well as workforce retraining and other initiatives aimed at keeping Rhode Islanders…

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