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Comparing high-end phones and their excellent cameras – Video – Source CNET Tech

There are so many excellent smartphone options.
For certain bugs, one way to make your decision is choosing the one with the best camera.
Let’s compare.
Google’s pixel four and pixel four excel both two tele photo lenses.
The first ever for a Google phone.
The portrait mode zoom and low light settings also received an upgrade.
But unfortunately, you don’t get unlimited photo storage of the highest quality pics with the pixel phones.
You have to upload them to Google Photos in the cloud.
If you want to stay Save them at the best resolution the Google Pixel for starts at $800.
If you want to stay with the Android operating system the $950 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a top phone with top of the line camera abilities with excellent night mode.
Because this is a larger phone that comes with a stylus, you have full editing tools to truly enhance your pictures, down…

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Source CNET Tech

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