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DoNotPay safely shares Netflix and other subscriptions – Source

DoNotPay is a startup that seems to delight in corporate trolling. Among its patchwork of services are a virtual credit card that can generate endless free trials, a fast food receipt scanner that automatically fills out surveys for free food, and an automated complaint system that secures reimbursements for shoddy in-flight Wi-Fi.

Now, DoNotPay has devised a way to share Netflix and other subscription services without showing your password to anyone else. By installing the startup’s free Chrome extension, you can generate links that other people can use to access your subscriptions. Instead of sharing the actual password, DoNotPay uses cookies to transfer your browsing session to other users’ computers, effectively fooling services such as Netflix and Hulu into thinking you’ve just logged in through another Chrome tab. I’ve tried it, and it works as advertised.

Joshua Browder, DoNotPay’s founder and CEO, says the subscription sharing feature is a response to the…

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