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Dubsmash was dying. Now users watch 1 billion videos a month – Source

You may have heard of Dubsmash, thanks to our early viral success and millions of downloads—the kind of startup fairytale many app company founders such as ourselves dream of. But the real story of Dubsmash is a strange one. While the story has plenty of good moments, like appearing on magazine covers and breaking app store records, there was also a wicked and surprising twist: We had to do something most startups never dream of. In the middle of what looked like a moment of huge success, we realized we had to tear our company down. If we hadn’t, it wouldn’t have had a future at all.

Let’s rewind to Berlin in 2014, when social media apps were already the next big thing. We had a great idea: Build a really fun app where users lip sync to songs or short clips from movies and share the often very funny clips on social media. Our idea worked. After quickly becoming the top downloaded app in Germany, Dubsmash accelerated into a global hit, with 50 million downloads in six…

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