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Epic v. Apple lawsuit heads to trial in 2021 Airbus unveils thr… – Source CNET Tech

Fortnite won’t be back in the App Store for a long while.

The concepts, which range from a turboprop commuter plane to a blended wing design, would fly with modified gas turbine engines that burn liquid hydrogen as fuel.

Attrition among women in the industry continues, according to a report from Accenture and Girls Who Code.

The change comes as Google faces scrutiny for the 30% cut it takes from app developers.

Amazon’s smart home brands are getting more powerful — and independent — this season, thanks to a Ring flying robot camera, spherical smart speakers and a new cloud-gaming service.

Politics is a hot topic even on a short-form video app known for dancing and lip syncing.

The retail giant is using new biometric tech at two of its Amazon Go stores in Seattle.

Today’s major tech headlines include our initial impressions of the Xbox Series X, Google’s changing of Android’s billing system and the US government’s redaction of how TikTok could steal your data.

The General Electric GE9x…

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