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Facebook hit with antitrust lawsuits, hackers steal some COVID-19 vaccine data … – Source CNET Tech

Today’s top stories include Facebook getting sued by 48 states and the FTC, hackers unlawfully accessing documents related to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and Twitch announcing updates to its anti-harrassment rules.

The social network is under pressure to spin off Instagram and WhatsApp.

The short-term rental company is set to become publicly traded on Thursday.

The food delivery company (virtually) rings the opening bell on Wall Street with an 85% jump in share price.

Sundar Pichai said the company will investigate the events around her exit.

The pandemic, US elections and outrage over racial injustice created a perfect storm for social media misinformation.

The Ampaire Electric EEL completed its first test flight over the island of Maui, and is hoping to blaze a trail for greener air travel in the future.

Impossible Foods’ new head scientist finds the answer between the lab and Julia Child.

This hybrid-electric airplane, which has completed a demonstration flight in Hawaii, may one day…

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