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Facebook responds to data of election disinformation spread – Source

Analytics data from the company CrowdTangle shows that a lot of right-wing propaganda about the election is being passed around on Facebook right now. But Facebook says the data is misleading—even though it owns CrowdTangle, which is a tool to help outsiders understand what’s happening on social media.

Kevin Roose of The New York Times uses CrowdTangle to keep a running tab on which news outlets get the most likes, shares, and comments on their Facebook posts. In 2020 his list has been consistently dominated by right-wing outlets (think Breitbart and Newsmax) that have a habit of spreading half-truths or full-on misinformation. Right now some of the most engaged Facebook pages are busy disseminating the narrative that the election was rigged against Donald Trump.

Facebook VP of Analytics and Chief Marketing Officer Alex Schultz wrote in a Tuesday blog post that this “engagement” data isn’t a good measurement of what people are really seeing on Facebook. At first blush, that…

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