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Faster airplane Wi-Fi—for free—is on its way – Source

Reading this on a plane could be significantly less rage-inducing—if some upgrades to inflight Wi-Fi fulfill their promises of cheaper, faster, and more robust connectivity.

But even if they don’t, you’ll probably find it more pleasant this year because of something the airlines can’t control: how many people ground themselves to avoid the novel coronavirus.

Less competition

Right here in 2020, inflight Wi-Fi will probably feel a lot zippier just because you’ll have fewer people using it. As coronavirus fears lead to more canceled events, foregone trips, and emptier planes, those left on board will have more bandwidth to enjoy.

The airlines, however, won’t enjoy the experience as much, as multiple industry executives noted at a just-concluded aviation summit.

“A lot of people are just staying home,” said Indigo Partners founder William Franke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Aviation Summit in Washington last week. Franke’ s private-equity firm owns a controlling…

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