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Flexport’s swashbuckling innovations to fix the supply-chain crisis – Source

This story is part of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2022. Explore the full list of companies that are reshaping their businesses, industries, and the broader culture.

“Our first priority is to solve customer problems,” says Ryan Petersen, CEO of Flexport, which has built a software platform for companies to manage every aspect of their supply chain. Amid the supply chain chaos, Flexport has risen to the challenge, bringing online everything from customers’ factories in Asia to the trucks that deliver to fulfillment centers. With each node it digitizes, there’s more data to help customers resolve issues and inform new Flexport services, including order management, ocean freight procurement, and customs assistance. The company makes money—over $3 billion in 2021—from how much customers use its services.

Flexport’s order management product, launched in February 2021, is a good place to start in assessing the way in which the company creates value for its…

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