, Folx Health launches telemedicine for the trans community – Source fastcompany.com, iBSC Technologies - learning management services, LMS, Wordpress, CMS, Moodle, IT, Email, Web Hosting, Cloud Server,Cloud Computing
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Folx Health launches telemedicine for the trans community – Source fastcompany.com

Samuel K. Davis, like many trans men, has always had difficulty getting the testosterone he needs to treat his gender dysphoria. When he relocated from California to Florida during the pandemic, he encountered even more problems. Trying to get a new healthcare provider turned into a nightmare. He set up an over-the-phone appointment with a local clinic, answered questions about his health history, talked to a clinician for 10 minutes, paid $80, and then didn’t hear a word.

“Two months later, I received a letter from them saying they just processed my information,” Davis says. He never received any medication. For four months, he went without his prescription medications, putting him on an emotional roller coaster exacerbated by hormonal fluctuations. “I was at a point where I was like, maybe this just isn’t supposed to happen.”

By chance he came across a post on the Instagram account @transguysupply. It mentioned a new online service called Folx Health that promised to…

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