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For dyslexics, digital writing tools are a ‘double-edged sword’ – Source fastcompany.com

After watching his youngest son beg to draw on a family friend’s iPad, father Joseph Turner grabbed a screenshot of the alphabet and uploaded it to a drawing program on his Surface laptop. Then he handed his son a stylus and showed him how to trace the letters.

Turner is an adult with dyslexia and already sees signs of his learning disorder in his two little boys. The digital tracing activity, designed to help his son learn to write, was a hit. Unlike all the paper activity books lying in ruin on the floor, this held his little boy in a kind of trance.

But despite this success with a simple program, Turner feels hesitant to incorporate too much tech into his boys’ learning environment at home.

“It’s a kind of double-edged sword,” Turner says. “It’s a beautiful time to be dyslexic now. There’s tons of tech available. We have YouTube, these learning programs and cartoons [kids] can delve into, but then they can get into something that’s not appropriate. With dyslexia,…

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