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Genes could reveal clues to who gets severe COVID-19 – Source

There has been ample speculation about the nature of President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, with conflicting reports creating confusion around the severity of his illness. Is the president on the mend, or is his case of COVID-19 about to get a lot worse? GoodCell, a company that offers genetic testing and biobanking, is launching a study to better understand whether genes can tell us something about who is likely to have a bad reaction to COVID-19.

“Is there something in blood—in our genetics—that we can measure, that tells us that one individual versus another is more predisposed to undergo that pathway?” says Dr. Salvatore Viscomi, who heads up GoodCell’s product line of genetic and biomarker testing as the company’s chief medical officer. “We believe there is.”

GoodCell is teaming up with the New York Blood Center to better understand whether there are certain genes that are associated with severe COVID-19. The company hopes the results will better inform…

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