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Getting back on the convention circuit Doing digital conferenc… – Source CNET Tech

The largest producer of conferences tells CNET Now What how it’s going to be different.

Digital conventions must be more than just web-based copies of the real thing.

The tech giant’s virtual reality division is said to be target of scrutiny by DOJ antitrust enforcers, according to a recent report.

In today’s top stories, Google is using AR to let anyone add photos to its Street View library. Meanwhile, a report says Facebook is working on algorithms to police hate speech in new ways.

Avaaz, a global activist group, says the social network’s labeling of posts with false election information is inconsistent.

The Department of Justice files a lawsuit against Facebook, alleging hiring discrimination against US workers.

“We asked, and you let us know this reply layout wasn’t it,” the company tweets.

Timnit Gebru, a prominent AI researcher, has been outspoken about the lack of diversity in the tech industry.

Multiple cameras caught the demise of the iconic giant dish in real time.

The effort…

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