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Give yourself a mental break with these 6 soothing games – Source

The only thing worse than wall-to-wall meetings all day is having just enough time between meetings to not get any real work done.

Instead of cramming in an email or two and rushing into the next video conference call, try using that time to give yourself a quick mental break. Researchers have found that “microbreaks” can help give you a quick reboot by improving your ability to focus, reducing stress, and even increase your overall job happiness.

For an excellent way to shut your brain off for a few minutes here and there, try out one of these excellent pick-up-and-play games.

Stardew Valley

If you stopped reading this list right now and just went and picked up Stardew Valley, you’d be all set.

As the story goes, you inherit a farm in a lovely little town called Stardew Valley and spend your days farming, living off the land, befriending townsfolk, fishing, mining, or whatever else floats your boat. There’s no right or wrong way to play Stardew Valley.

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