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Google runs into antitrust trouble, Roku gets HBO Max – Video – Source CNET Tech

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A group of 10 states led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.
for allegedly anti competitive practices in online advertising.
The lawsuit accuses the tech giant of harming competitors by engaging in false, deceptive or misleading acts while operating its auction system for digital ads.
The complaint also alleges Facebook was a co conspirator to Google.
In a statement, Google calls the claims meritless and said the company will strongly defend itself in court.
Roku and HBO max have reached a deal for Roku is popular lineup of streaming devices to support HBO Max’s app.
This is after a month long standoff.
This development will give millions of people the option.
To easily stream movies like Wonder Woman 1984 coming this Christmas.
Earlier, HBO Max announced that all…

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