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GoPro Hero9 Black action camera – Source

Let’s just say it: It’s a weird, complicated time to be reviewing gadgets. All sorts of products optimized for out-and-about use are tough to evaluate when you’re spending much of your time cooped up at home, cafés won’t even let you inside, and travel by airplane feels almost as far off as space tourism.

Still, I was excited to try GoPro’s Hero9 Black, the latest version of the action camera that defined action cameras as a category. I don’t partake in any of the extreme activities typically depicted in GoPro promotional materials, such as skydiving, surfing, or mountaineering. But I already knew that you don’t have to be doing anything all that extreme to have fun with a GoPro.

Furthermore, I’ve been fighting social-isolating sloth by puttering around the Bay Area on my Gazelle e-bike, which I bought in April and now couldn’t live without. My best journeys felt like little expeditions that might be worth preserving.

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