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Health experts think 2021 could feel a lot like 2020 – Source

After a blistering 2020, Americans are wondering what the new year will bring. For at least the first half of the year, experts say, it will be more of the same. Because vaccines may take a while to roll out to the general public, mask wearing and social distancing must continue. But in the way only a crisis can, the pandemic has also opened up a chance for systemic change in a broken healthcare system—the beginnings of which we might start to see in 2021.

Whether or not we seize that opportunity depends largely on Congress. The introduction of a new presidential administration could bring much-needed changes to the healthcare system, including how we pay for it and how we access it. But progress on that front will largely depend on which party wins the remaining Senate seats in Georgia’s January run-offs.

The promise of vaccines

Vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are already being injected into arms around the country. However, those vaccines are likely to face barriers to delivery…

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