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How a team of innovators solved a key issue with the world’s first folding computerCalifornia’s vote to keep Uber drivers as con… – Source

The passage of the state’s Proposition 22 is a huge win for gig economy companies—and a devastating loss for labor advocates.

With people depending on deliveries more than ever, FedEx is calling in robots and adopting other gadgets to efficiently get packages where they’re going.

Twitter said that the president’s tweet was misleading; Facebook was not quite so direct.

The coordinated network accounts targeted people in swing states, Spanish-speaking voters, and alt-right news readers.

Predictions of chaos at polling places have not become reality.

Why fight that nervous election day tic when you can lean into it?

Amid anxious posts about election day results, some have decided to bring zen to their social media timelines.

A Biden win means friendlier immigration policies and the likely end of trade war. But the tech giants will still be facing bipartisan goals to enforce antitrust and reform social media.

A new initiative will aggregate smartphone location data so that…

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