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How AI is helping top tech talent connect with the best opportunities – Source

Despite what’s happened to the world economy over the past year—and the continued uncertainty of what lies ahead—when it comes to hiring top talent it remains a job candidate’s market. The current focus of the conversation is around the impact of artificial intelligence on hiring practices. However, there are some key considerations that demonstrate the immense amount of choices talent will always have.

Right now, two seemingly contradictory things are happening in business.

Artificial intelligence is growing tremendously. According to statista, AI is growing approximately 54 percent annually and will be “one of the next great technological shifts, like the advent of the computer age or the smartphone revolution.”

Humans are not becoming less important. Organizations are becoming more sophisticated about measuring the value, impact, and importance of people. In turn, talent—or human resources or the management of workforces—is receiving more attention. PwC reports that…

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