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How cybercrooks are using the coronavirus to steal credit card numbers – Source

Johns Hopkins University has an excellent interactive map for tracking the coronavirus. Hackers think it’s excellent, too—as a vehicle for releasing malware into victims’ computers or phones.

Security firms have been tracking scam emails from numerous hackers offering a fully functioning replica of the Johns Hopkins interactive map. When a user takes the bait and opens the attachment, malware is installed on their computer that’s designed to steal passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.

The map was actually part of a “digital Coronavirus infection kit” developed by a member of several Russian language cybercrime forums, according to the blog of security researcher Brian Krebs. The person began selling the kit to other hackers late last month, Krebs notes. The seller’s pitch went like this:

It loads [a] fully working online map of Corona Virus infected areas and other data. Map is resizable, interactive, and has real time data from World Health…

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