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How it feels to be immunocompromised in the age of COVID-19 – Source

When news of COVID-19 started to spread, there were two popular responses. The first was to rush to the store, buying N95 masks and hand sanitizer until shelves were bare. The second was to shrug and comfort the masses because mostly immunocompromised people—people like me—would die.

On Twitter, I have watched both parties with frustration. The first group—the one cleaning store shelves of masks—has left none for immunocompromised people and healthcare workers who need them. The surgeon general begged the public to stop buying masks, explaining that they are not effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the general public.

Despite my frustrations with the first group, it was the second that really infuriated me. I have watched tweet after tweet—some of them authored by journalists with large followings—assuring the general population that only the most vulnerable, including immunocompromised people and the elderly, will die.

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