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How tech could help trans people get better health info – Source fastcompany.com

“I’m never going to one of these f***ing support groups again.” It was 2014, and I had just come home after two hours of huddling in a church basement with other transgender people like me. I’d recently come out, and I was desperately seeking resources and information in terms of how to move forward.

The support group I had attended wasn’t atypical. It consisted of individuals going in a circle and sharing their experiences. On rare occasions, someone would speak about a specific challenge they were going through and shed light on how they were overcoming it—or trying to. On a really good night, someone might share which therapist was least likely to make your life hell as you collected letters deeming you “not crazy,” a draconian but necessary step for many of the legal and medical aspects of transition.

Transgender individuals are often referred to these groups under the premise that they can help you navigate transition. But for me it felt like those peer groups…

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