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How to apply for Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech – Source fastcompany.com

Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech is our newest recognition program. It’s the first one focused entirely on technological advances, and also our most forward-looking such program. As such, the criteria that will make for a winning entry are unique. Here’s a look at the factors our judges will be considering—and some tips on optimizing your entry for the best chances of becoming an honoree.

Say what it is and why it’s a breakthrough

Submitting your technology for consideration begins with telling us what it does—and, just as important, why it’s exceptional. We’re looking for products, services, research products, and other efforts that showcase significant innovations. Providing context—such as explaining how what you’re doing fits into larger trends, or how an ingredient technology will enable further innovation by others—is essential. So is avoiding buzzwords and hype.

One note: You can submit technologies that have existed for any amount of time. But…

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