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How to design the ultimate Zoom-friendly home office – Source

Like many of us, I’m spending a lot of time working from home (more than half my waking hours!). And I’m working with people whom I’ve never met in person and whose image of me is solely based on a rectangular representation in a Zoom window.

As such, I recently embarked on an office redesign intended to 1) make my space comfortable and 2) make me proud of how I look on the many video calls that now dominate my days. To anyone scoffing at this second point, consider how much money and effort people put into things like clothing, shoes, and makeup, all with the goal of making a good impression. I’d argue that a good home video call setup has become the pandemic-era equivalent.

After receiving a sufficient number of questions about my new home office, I’ve documented the details of my setup. Here are 14 products I recommend to make your video call station professional and polished—and turn working from home into a more enjoyable experience.


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